Day 604

I picked something more challenging to doodle today. This month I’m trying to work on my figures’ interaction with themselves and their surroundings moving away from more stagnant portraits. I want to try to bring more life, movement, and dynamic action to my drawings. 

Going into this I was more concerned with the hands than anything. I suck at hands even when they aren’t contorted. However, in the end I’m happy with them but found the face to be the most challenging part. 

I had the frustration of too many erased lines creep in too. Just another of many times I’ve lamented for the skills and supplies to work digitally knowing that digitally erased lines don’t leave little ghost reminders on your paper. 

Anyways this took about 40 minutes. More time than I had intended to spend for a warm up exercise. But I didn’t have anything else to do this morning so that’s ok. 

Happy Friday!  



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