Day 596

So almost 600 days. 

Sometime back I started feeling like I lost my mojo. That’s when I stopped drawing/posting daily. I felt the need to work on more pieces instead of doodling. 

I’m still trying to find that balance. Not drawing everyday it feels like I lost my style. Like sometimes I’m holding a pencil for the first time. It’s been frustrating. And looking back this weekend at some pieces I’ve done that I liked I’ve realized how much I need both my daily practice with a sense of mindfulness not just prefunctory obligation as well as weekly dedication to finished pieces. 

Sometimes I’ll fail. And that’s ok. 


6 thoughts on “Day 596

    • Thanks. I did it for a year and four months straight before I started to change focus. Some days it’s hard but once you get in a routine it’s hard to stop do it.

      • I’m trying build an actual portfolio and professional website. I was out back considerably last year when my computer died as far as the website goes.
        As for the portfolio it’s been a challenge to remind myself that it’s ok to work on the same piece for several days.

      • After being out of college for a few years and working I actually went to an art school and took a portfolio class just to discipline my self. It worked great. Funny how paying money for something really gets your motivation up. Good luck I look forward to seeing your finished pieces.

      • It’s great when you have the eye of a trained professional. I’ll have to see if I can find something like that in my area. Thanks fir the advice 🙂

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