Day 571


I have had several people ask me over the last couple years why is it that I focus my drawing more on women than other subject matters. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really answered that one publicly.

There are two main reasons to it. One, when I was in college I was told by my painting professor that I would make an excellent landscape artist. That my figure and portrait drawing were not my strong suit. At times that has upset me over the years. But when I started this project almost two years ago I decided to use it as an opportunity to strengthen my skills. Practice makes perfect.
Reason two is simple. I enjoy the female idea. The soft, flow-y curves and twirls. They are fun and relaxing to draw. My wrist will often doodle in circles when bored or stumped on what to draw. It’s a preference.

With that said I enjoy suggestions. I enjoy trying other things. But this is my default.

Btw…woohoo it’s Friday.


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