Day 543

I know. You’re probably bored with the same painting. But it’s a learning process I need to share. Teensy bit o wisdom.

Tonight was the night of endless tinkering. I should have stopped and stepped away. In an attempt to bring it back to the points I like prior I ended up making into something I didn’t like. This picture is that result. I over smoothed things. I felt I lost color, style, and recognition. 20140724-224346-81826585.jpg

So I stopped. I watched some project runway (yay new season!) then as cleaning up for bed a took the brush to it one more time. No mixing of paints, no diluting, no blending. I figured before I can go to be I can at least block out the parts I want to work on. And I got this…

20140724-224644-82004420.jpg. Which I am much happier with and will be able to go to sleep now knowing there isn’t a monstrosity sitting on my desk. :).

Night night.


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