Paint-a paint-a

I spent yesterday downtown in my city painting faces. I always have a ton of fun doing it. I love when you see a kid get genuinely happy at something you did.

Today I want to paint. I’m just not sure what I want to paint. I’m torn because the things in my head right now seem more like stories and moving pictures than still lifes and drawing. I want to write but I have no computer still and hand writing can get very garbled looking and had to read when you try to write fast and get out your ideas. So I really want to paint something. Use my creative juices. I just need motivation.
You should give me ideas. ^_^ I’m going to the grocery store and run some errands. I expect to see things when I get back.


One thought on “Paint-a paint-a

  1. Maybe you could paint dancers, if you see movement in you mind. Paint… lightning, or a flower in bloom. Those tell stories. I hope that helps! It’s good have creative juices flowing.

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