Day 534

Post it doodle from being on hold on the phone. 20140623-195747-71867683.jpg


6 thoughts on “Day 534

    • I really feel that’s why I did better work last year compared to this year. Last year I would draw early in the morning. Around 7am or so. Early enough that I was still in sleepy state and didn’t over think things. Kind of a blind creative. But my schedule has changes this year so most of my drawing have taken place much later in the day. Well after getting stressed and over thinking everything.

      • Morning person? That’s nice, I’m more of a 10 o’clock person. But some things come out the best when we don’t over think them, and we leave things to be simple. When there is nothing else on our minds, people also tend to do better. You do really well though, even with a tight schedule.

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