Day 526


My drawing has become compulsory. :/ to the point that I’m not putting the time or effort into it but instead I’m whipping it out just to heck it (and the anxiety of not doing it) off my daily list.

Ok that’s only partly true. See the thing is my trip to the hospital a couple of weeks ago I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. And right now that seems to mean one or the other. Healthy activity or sit on my butt and draw. I’ve been trying to do both so he quality of my art has deteriorated. I need to work out a new schedule for things and get on track. However, I think Friday night I’m going to put forth the effort to not draw. I don’t want this to be a compulsory act. I want this to be deliberate and intentional. Any thoughts out there on the best way to fit everything in? (Btw I’ve also been in the planning stages for a novel. Another thing to divert my time)


7 thoughts on “Day 526

  1. hi! i started blogging here last year with a different blog: thelatebloomingartist. I abandoned it now (boo hoo me) anyway, during those times, you are one of the bloggers that I’ve been following 🙂 When i started this new blog/journal of mine last February, i saw you again and i was always amazed on how you were able to keep up with your blog. especially that your theme is a 365 days art. For someone like me, i find it still hard to keep up with the posts because the content is illustrations and its not that easy to just draw an idea and materialize them. I try to make at least 2 post each week, and my maximum is 3, still i find it hard to post 3 (haha) You are right on the thing about making your posts a “compulsory act”. I find it easier to draw something if what i’m illustrating is something that inspires me and not just so i can post something. Its much better to share people the stuffs that has been really special to you, something that has inspired you and wish to inspire others too 🙂 I think that’s why i couldn’t do a 24/7 blog because i need to be part of the world, experienced things and discover stuffs so i could get inspiration from it 🙂 Take you time to finish your art, relish on the feeling of freedom of why you are drawing what you are drawing 🙂 The right people will always be ready to see your work and appreciate it 🙂

    • I’m glad to see you again! I was wondering where you went too 🙂
      Thank you I think I needed to hear this from someone else. Someone who’s removed from me. I completed my goal for last year and I wanted to see how far I could go from there with it. But I think it’s time to rework things. I think I’ve hit the edge and am in need of a break. I don’t even think professional artist try to come up with new content everyday.

      • just take you time to rework some stuffs. Its easy to get inspiration and be inspired but it does take time to materialize that idea 🙂 good luck! But i would still want to see more works from you on the news feed 🙂

      • I definitely won’t be abandoning the blog. 🙂 I just want to focus on building my portfolio right now.

  2. By all means, do let yourself take a brief vacation from drawing. : ) What you have already accomplished is impressive, and you should be very proud of your work; but it seems to me that it’s time for a rest. I have found that when I have been pursuing art too hard for too long at a time, I can become burnt out and dried up. But without fail, if I let it rest for just a little while, art comes back knocking at my door, and it’s fresh and new and enthralling to me again, instead of a chore. It sounds as though you have quite a lot on your plate. Let yourself breathe for a moment. Take a moment. Put away the pencils. Brew yourself a cup of tea. You have worked very hard and very well. Relax, unwind, and don’t draw. I’d offer the suggestion not to think about art again at all until it comes back to you uninvited, and surprises you by welling up from inside again. It may feel alarming to let it go until then, but doing so will likely prove incredibly therapeutic when it comes back. (And please do let it come back!! I for one thoroughly enjoy seeing your pictures and your progress, and of course I’m not alone in that.) You’ll get everything in, don’t worry. : ) Thanks for all your effort in putting forth your beautiful work.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I think part of my reluctance to let it go for a bit is knowing that in he past I’ve gone years without doing something and I don’t want that to happen again. But yes it’s definitely time for an art vaca if anything just so I can refocus and find a strong direction. Thank you again 🙂

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