Day 513


I was reading an article today on Facebook from spectrum fantasy art. It was about how when we take photos with our phones instead of studying the things we admire that we are losing out on moments. Obviously there’s a lot more in it but it mirrored my sentiments I’ve had recently on art journaling and using it to connect to the memories during the time it was drawn.
So this is a sketch for a painting I want to do in regards to a medical procedure I had done the other day that created a lot of emotions in me to go through. Hopefully I get to painting soon. I feel backed up though. So we will see.


3 thoughts on “Day 513

  1. I always felt that way too. If you go to a new place, you spend more time looking through the camera instead of enjoying it. Of course, I love having pictures to remember the moment, but I love being in it as well. 🙂

    • Me too. The article also brought up the point that we falsely think our pictures are tucked away safe and sound and so we just keep adding to them and never look at them. I like photos I love having that lasting moment. But sometimes it feels like the moments are being taken away from in the pursuit for the perfect shot.

  2. I agree. I love to spend time in the moment, however my partner wants to film everything and take pictures because he has a really bad memory. So I’m always torn between having to look at everything through a lens to help him out and enjoying my moment.

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