Day 432

Today is International Women’s Day. I wanted to draw an important woman but I wasn’t sure in what field. There are so many women in this world that have made a difference in things. But I wanted to draw something a bit more personal. So I narrowed it down to a woman in the arts.

Personally I find more modern women in the arts inspiring to me than some past artist. In art history classes you learn about the greats. People who have mostly been dead and gone. Which to me have always been hard to relate to. It was one reason why I gave up art many years ago. I couldn’t see art as a career looking at the great artist that died long ago.

In my return to art over the past couple years I have been actively seeking out my own personal inspiration from living working artist. People whose work I both admire artistically but also whose careers and work ethics are inspirational.

One artist I found has some of the most amazing artwork ever. I love her landscape gouaches which is what I first found of hers. Looking more into her work I found this wonderful body of work from sculptures to people and animals.

Her name is JAW Cooper. Please check out her stuff. You can see some of it HERE

So in honor of her inspiration I drew a little doodle of her.



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