Asking for your input.

I want to take a well know female character and try drawing her for a few days straight. Trying a different style am method each day. Only thing is I can’t decide who.

Would you all be willing to throw out so names? Remember I’m looking for characters not actors. These can be from books, tv, movie or games.


6 thoughts on “Asking for your input.

  1. I bought a book from Barnes and Noble a few years back that was awesome for creating expressive characters. Every few pages was a new model photographed in a wide variety of expressions. There are even examples in there of animators that have created wonderfully expressive cartoon characters that capture the expression perfectly. Highly recommend it as a resource if you don’t necessarily have the perfect expression in your collected references. You can study their faces to know what to tweak to get that exact mood. Not really sure if this is what you had in mind, but I immediately thought of it and how useful its been for me. Here it is on amazon

    • That’s on my wish list 🙂 it’s close to what I want to do. But I also want to take a character and break them down into the simplest form but still have them recognizable as who they are.

  2. Buffy might be fun to do? (And I’m not just saying that cause I’m a big fan – there’s seven seasons worth of reference, after all :P) Otherwise, maybe Pippi Longstocking?

  3. Well, if you go with super heroines who have secret identities, you could diversify between their heroic and domestic personae as well as their possible expressions. I’d suggest Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, or Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. Otherwise, Disney heroines are rather expressive and open to style. Or, if you prefer someone more “modern”, how about your take on Katniss from the Hunger Games stories/movies or Lizbeth from the “Dragon Tattoo” trilogy?

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