The Nut that’s starting to Sprout

Good Morning lovely readers!

It’s time to recommit myself to something this coming year. As with last year I’m not big on resolutions. I prefer the term “goals” resolutions are typically so vague and have no planning involved in them. It’s kinda like a wish that you hope comes true but put forth no effort. You can read my 2013 New Year post here to see more about how I felt starting out last year and my general view of resolutions.

I’ve been racking my brain now for the past few months trying to figure out what to do this coming year. I have some personal goals but this is my art blog so I really won’t be going into that here. What I’ve been torn with is whether or not to keep pursing drawing each day this year. I love both drawing and posting each day. It’s been a great way to get to know people and to hone my skills. But I want to move forward in pursing my art career. And while sometimes I love my sketches, other times I’m kind of embarrassed by them. With that being said, the conflict comes from over working my sketches. Some sketches I want to pursue and make into print quality art… but I can’t do that with each.

I’ve been discussing it with my husband and I think I’ve finally come up with a resolution to the problem.

So here are my art goals.

1) Keep drawing each day. But please keep in mind these will not be some of my better quality stuff. I need to remind myself that sketches aren’t meant to be perfect. They are warm ups and opportunities to to try out things I normally wouldn’t. This is something that I lost sight of during the end of the year when life in general just started to get stressful. This resulted in some of my least favorite drawings.

2) my NEW GOAL for the year is to make one piece of work each month that is of “print quality” and to have the print made. In theory I would like to have more than 12 prints by the end of the year but this is my goal and anything I surpass will be icing on the cake.

3) By July: I would like to have the blog set up with more of an online portfolio feel. I love posting my sketches but to pursue art I need a place where people can land and see my best work not my doodles. Also, have business cards made.

4) By December: Set up accounts on Society6, FineArtAmerica, and Behance


I think that’s it for now. I don’t want to over goal myself out. As I said last year, the way to succeed is to have obtainable goals. You want to develop processes not vague wishes.


Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have an awesome year.


13 thoughts on “The Nut that’s starting to Sprout

  1. that’s one heck of a goal, mine is to finish a personal project that’s been on going for at least 5-6 years and hopefully by 2015 january 25th, I’ll be finished with the project and ready for drawing. anyway good luck

    • thank you. Yeah the whole website thing is kinda hard. computers are not my forte. In addition to those goals i want to learn photoshop more. but that’s a more vague goal.

      I’ve kinda got accoutns set up on those sites already. but I haven’t posted anything yet.

    • Yay!! I love hearing that I’ve inspired someone. I mean after all we make art to communicate with others.

      You can stick with it. You just have to find that sweet spot in the day.

  2. fantastic goals…it’s something I’ve been thinking about these last few days as well. it’s time to be professional about my art and not treat it as just a “starving artist” hobby.

    can’t wait to see your progress!!! 🙂

    • I thought I’d replied to this but it’s not showing up :/

      I’d love to see what you do! There is definitely a pre mental preparedness that comes from refocusing your intention. Good luck.

  3. I have been going over many of the same thoughts without classifying them as goals or resolutions. 1–I too need to remind myself to take chances with sketches/ink drawings and not be so “controlled”/set to achieve perfection each time. I only used to cut loose with a writing pen during quiet periods at work and school. I’d whittle the time away with simple cartoon silliness and hatched “still life” works. But, I always–as I’ve said before–had to be inspired. I had to be motivated by something to create something. Either I drew a joke or a metaphor or a feeling I was having about someone or something that just happened. Occasionally, I drew from resources on hand…a coloring or nature book/magazine. But, those “sketches” came easier than what I try to make look “professional” and perfect. I need to get “looser” with practice work between the periods I give to polishing/polished works. Even my polished works discourage me, though. I took the past three weeks to pound out some ideas and polish them…and I haven’t achieved enough with that in my mind. I hate struggling with confidence inking. I can pencil like nobody’s business (and yet can go over that sketching for days before I am content with every line). But, inking is usually daunting. Luckily, the paper I’ve been using the past year has worked in my favor.

    2–That’s a good/fair one. I have three good print-quality pieces ready to go to press (although they are still at what I call “stage one” or “coloring book stage” and need to be given shading and focus to negative/positive space. I worked harder than ever before on establishing levels of depth and line quality whereas normally I’d just ink everything at the same thickness (which is usually too thin for bold expression). I may need to come up with more and colored pieces for a contest that just came up. I lack a decent portfolio. I’ve done more digital pieces with a primitive program (a cheapy sort of Photoshop) on my old PC than I’ve compiled by hand. One a month seems achievable. But, I may need to do more to achieve more with a portfolio.

    3–I have tried a portfolio/art page in a few smaller places. I didn’t have enough guts to try posting my best work (and didn’t have the means to scan any til just a few years back) for fear of thieves. I still haven’t…and would like to know where is the one best place to post such a thing in a nurturing environment. As for business cards, so far, I have stuck with making my own by hand even if they appear childish to some. Until I have enough of a collection or “style” to sell as my own, there’s no point in ordering business cards (even if I like the design/idea). I have a tendency to invest more than I honestly get out of my efforts. So, I think it’s wise to stay cheap and start small. Use my energy more than my money to reach those that matter.

    4–I’ve never heard of any of those sites…so, maybe I will look into them. I once tried Side 7 as encouraged by an online friend loooong ago. But, that went awry, and I let it go. Like you, I am not PC handy and resistant to change/updating. Slow and steady/cautious.

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