365 Project : Day 319



4 thoughts on “365 Project : Day 319

    • It’s funny I’ve been a little discouraged lately. I’ve been feeling drained from some personal issues and our car not working. On top of that I’ve been looking at the people I’ve been drawing and feeling discouraged by them. I feel like they are all the same and expressionless. I have a lot to improve on still. But I’m a way I guess it’s my own style emerging. I’m just too close to see. It’s really nice having another perspective. Thank you.

      • It’s always nice to get new eyes on your work. People tend to be harder on themselves because they can only see the flaws of their own work. Others tend to see the better parts. Keep doing what you do. You’re a fabulous artist! And keep posting. I guarantee that no matter how many things wrong you see in your work, someone else will see at least one thing that’s great.


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