365 Project: Day 281


Trying out some inks today.


9 thoughts on “365 Project: Day 281

  1. I find this very amazing (the colors somehow compliment the hair and the dress), although somehow the shoulders look too short in proportion to her whole body (did you use a normal inking pen or did you use something different?)

    • I used analogous colors for it so they should compliment each other. Though I’m not sure what you mean by her shoulders looking to short ? Is it from her hair covering then? I used Winsor and Newton ink pots and brushes. Not pens.

      • yeah possibly from her hair covering her shoulders (what I meant about her shoulders is that they are short in matters of width), do you use those large brushes or small ones?

      • ah got ya. Well she’s kinda turned away so that’s adding to that.
        i use a #6 round brush. fairly small. it’s my standard.

      • You guys are talking German to this redneck artist:P I am so clueless about brushes and microns:P I can’t imagine trying to use a brush unless I am going all out “abstract” with a painting. My sketches are very “tight” without always being precise or clean. Tight as in cautious and sketchy:P

        I see what phoenolf is saying about the shoulders. Her neck looks wider than the shoulders combined. Part of it is the angle and the hair. But, they still look tiny/narrow.

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