You’ve been looking for me like an Easter egg

That’s what you’re asking isn’t it?

Dear Karen where are you we miss you?

I miss you all too. I have realized how much I enjoy this process since I’ve had it taken away from me.

We are in the middle of moving. We, my husband and I, are in lots of pain. I’ve been sick all week. Miraculously between a day’s worth of antibiotics and TONS of prayer a sinus/respiratory infection that usually puts me up for over a week only kept me in bed for three days. Though the last two have not been pretty nor are the coughs and manly voice that shows up.

But we have one more day. Thanks to a huge ordeal with are cable company we wasted prime moving time tonight. Tomorrow we have to finish moving and cleaning the old place.

We have zero energy. We are pissed that our Easter is ruined. We want sleep. Full refreshing sleep. Not these couple of fitful hours I’ve been grabbing in between bouts of stressing. But real sleep

But my lovely readers I will definitely be back on Monday. If not hopefully sooner. And I will be doing make up sketches for these last few days.

Please be forgiving.

And may everyone have a wonderful Easter.


3 thoughts on “You’ve been looking for me like an Easter egg

    • Thanks. In some ways this has been the easiest move in others it’s been super hard. We are now completely out of the old place and in the new. Now just comes the packing and returning to a normal life.

      Oh and having the cars stop waking us at 3am would be the best.

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