365 Project: Day 58 The Classic Mistake

Today I did what all artist curse themselves for … I made something worse trying to prefect it. Sometimes you have to stop tweaking. This picture went through a state where it looked exactly like the person it was supposed to, but I kept playing with it. And now I hate looking at it. 😦



7 thoughts on “365 Project: Day 58 The Classic Mistake

    • It’s from a picture of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble. I thought about posting the reference photo too but without a picture in the state of where it looked like it the thought of just the two photos together was sad.

      • I have over-tweaked on my art, both hand drawn and computerized. The only difference with the computer is that you can easily undo your tweaking, providing you haven’t saved them and then regret it the next day. I like to draw with pencil and I’ve erased and reworked to the point where in my eyes, I ruined it because I knew what it looked like before, whereas to someone who never seen the original still liked it. The only partial solution I can think of is to scan it and then try your corrections on the computer, or, make copies and work on them.

  1. yep. was in the same position yesterday….finally had to admit “completion” when everything else i did to it, made it look worse. “perfection” is a curse in itself, always trying to make it that.

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