365 Project: Day 56 Staring in Space



6 thoughts on “365 Project: Day 56 Staring in Space

    • Yeah. This falls into the same category as some of my other doodles of wanting to spend more time on them after the move and make them into paintings. The atmosphere in my head that I see for it would add to the composition considerably.

      • Oh no secret I just stock pile pose images and have friends willing pose for me. Or just people watch. I find too often it takes from the creative process if I’m trying to figure out the proper foreshortening of an arm or something. Sometimes I can get it to work brilliantly from my head other times I need stock poses to go from.

      • Just anything. I have a couple of published pose books in addition to my own notebook of photos and magazine clippings. I have to say Pinterest has been a great help in storing reference photos. I’ve had too many computers crash and take stuff with them. But I don’t look for high photos and typically I find it better to use lower grade photos so that I can concentrate more on the poses then the person.

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