Week 1 Review of 365 Drawing Project

I know I’m two days late on posting this…sorry. You’ll get over it I swear. If not, then well, maybe I’ll make you a cookie. We’ll see.

Anyways, I successfully completed the first week of my news year’s resolution…To draw EVERY day. I know to some a week doesn’t seem like much time and celebrating would seem silly. But I think that a) we should always find things to celebrate and b) a week is a long time. There are tons of people who have already quite their new year’s resolutions. So there. Deal with it. And let’s party 🙂

Seriously though, I think it’s important to review things. Check in and see how they are doing; what works, what doesn’t. Make any adjustments needed. So on that note here’s my YAYs and BOOs on the whole thing.


1. Successfully drawn each day
2. Felt accountable by having daily standards set
3. Was forced to work through slumps and lack of motivation
4. Was forced to actually make time each day. While during the week this isn’t so much the problem, the weekend proved to much more challenging then anticipated.


1. Occasionally felt rushed
2. At times I would be anti-social to finish a day’s drawing
3. Not always certain what to draw

hmm…I guess that’s really it on the BOOs. This week I felt more of just things popping up that needed to be reevaluated then anything that would fall into a BOO category (I’m sure you’ve figured it out…pros vs. cons….Yays vs Boos)

Somethings I feel need to be altered

1. The daily working title for each piece. Not too sure how to do this. I’m open to suggestions. “Daily Drawing Project” just became too much. Especially since the drawing posts have been the only ones I’ve been consistently putting up. It really changed the appearance of the blog.
2. Which brings me to issue number two…the blog appearance. Actually my blog in general. I half wonder if I need to leave this blog as an art only blog. My problem there is that I really don’t want to pinned down to just one thing. I have tons of random crap I like talking about. And only having art here is a bit suffocating. On the other hand if I post a drawing every day….well, that’s 365 drawing post, plus what ever art post in-between. It would be weird to occasionally see some of my other stupid sh*t once in a while. Perhaps this can be remidedy by my third problem.
3. The blog layout itself. I’m currently using “Indention and Intent” I’m not sure if the current layout is the best format to display art in. I love that the post are to one side with recap photos to the right of preceding posts. But I’ve also started a gallery page solely for all my 365 Project drawings. So it can seem a bit redundant.

I guess these are things that will just need some time to work out and see what happens with them. But again and like always I’m open to feed back. In fact, I kinda really want your feed back. And that’s another rant though.

I’m not that happy with the changes WordPress has made. The navigation is a little weird and uncomfortable. But I’m sure in time I’ll get use to that. Though the photos in the reader are way too large now. Most pictures I can’t see all at once. I have to do the whole scroll up and down quickly thing to trick myself into thinking I saw every part at once. And I know it’s not been changed that long, but it seems like it’s making it too easy to just look at one post and scroll on. It’s lowering the blogger interaction. And perhaps the way site views and visitors were before they were just being tallied oddly and maybe now is the more accurate way. But it seems more like people aren’t checking out the full blog. Causing views to go down, even though the same number of people seem to be liking things, they don’t seem to be looking around more. It really feels more like a Facebook interface of scroll and like move on. Which is not good for bloggers, we want you to stick around and see everything we have to offer. Not just the tip of one piece. It really seems less blogger friendly right now….ok sorry end rant there.

OK, anyways, stick around while I work some of this stuff out. Put in your two cents. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 1 Review of 365 Drawing Project

  1. That’s really good how you are doing a drawing a day! (And congrats on the first week!) I originally wanted to try that as well, but decided to just have a goal of 5 sketches a week. Keep it up! They are looking amazing!

    • Thanks so much! I love hearing about other people’s struggles and triumphs with this kind of thing. I had originally thought maybe I would just do it during the week days since I know when I have time in the day to do it. But I realized I needed that little extra push.

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