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Yay vs Boo: 2012 Year End review

The new year is rapidly approaching no thanks to yet another faulty Apocalypse. Though I myself feel like I’ve been suffering from my own little personal end of times. I’m hoping to finally shake this flu/cold to start of the new year right (come to think of it, I believe I was sick last year too)

So I feel like most people this time of year that I should take a moment to see what’s worked and what’s not worked out this last year. I mean we all need a little pat on the back for a good job well done.


The YAY Category

~ To start off with I need to congratulate my husband, who has done an amazing job losing 50 lbs this year! That’s like a bag of concrete mix.

~ No short feat (at least I need to keep reminding myself that) I, myself, have lost about 20 lbs. (damn men and their easy weight loss)

~ My GREATEST accomplishment this year is a two parter:

1. I left my job of 12 years! It was a horrible place to work. And while there were some great people there, there were many more I could still do with out. I would go into detail about this but it really is a post on to its self

2. I started my new job! Which I absolutely LOVE! I don’t think I could ask for a better group of people to work with or a better company to work for. I feel appreciated. I feel like what I do with in the company is actually valued and I feel like what the company its self does is worth standing behind

~ Following up that with…I got baptized in the river! Back in April (it was cold) Still pretty proud of that one

~ My husband and I have been living with one car for the past nine months. And while it is very frightening at times with my habit of worry (particularly worrying about our one car breaking down) it has also been its own little blessing. Every morning I get to ride to work with my husband. We have a little bit of time before he drops me off to talk and catch up. It’s been a great way to start out the day. But by carpooling it also gives me some dedicated alone time which over the past few months I have learned to put to good use by tapping into my creativity.

~ Donating our junker cars instead of having them sit around, that was a weight lifted from our shoulders

~ Moving towards a more minimal life style and getting rid of clutter

~ Getting to see and be a part of a good friend of mine getting married

~ Falling in love with British TV (the accents really help you feel a wee bit smarter while your brain rots)

~ Taking a few more risks and putting myself out there

Einstein qoute

The BOO Category

~ Still not unpacked. After two years of living in our current home there is still tons to unpack. At times it can make me quite anxious. Though a lot has been accomplished this year I still don’t feel like it falls in the accomplishment category

~ Keeping things and people around that don’t need to be. Sentimentality has its place in life. But some times it’s not for the better.

I have to say I’m pretty excited to see I have more Yays then Boos. Though I have big plans for next year! I think this year has been a great one for beginnings. I know that throughout the year it’s easy to get saddened by comparing your accomplishments to those of others. And feeling like they don’t really add up. It’s hard to look at people and watch them get what you want in life. But I’ve learned this year that it’s better to count your own Yays and pit them against your own Boos then to stack your Yays against someone else’s. Especially since most people aren’t really inclined to air their Boos all over the place. So while on a day to day basis this is hard to remember I will enjoy the times that I can reveal in the feelings of enlightenment and try to remember them the next time I’m dwelling in my Boos.

doctor who, advise

Always wise


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