homemade bagels

Craftmageddon Has Begun!

I’ve done a bit of baking this week. And a bit of crafting…pretty much any free time I’ve had has gone towards using my hands to create. So tonight I coin the term Craftmageddon! It’s a way of life. You wouldn’t understand, lol OK it’s not a hipster’s way of life. But it is a homemade way of life.


Tonight I made bagels. For the very first time. It was actually pretty super easy. There’s been a pin floating around pinterest with a bagel recipe from MelsKitchenCafe You’ve probably seen it. Step by step instructions on how to make bagels. Super easy to follow.

melskitchencafe, homemade bagels, easy recipe


I made a couple plain and a couple everything bagels. And all my husband and I can say is NOM! The only thing I would change is not using wax paper again. Even with it being greased it wouldn’t come off the bottoms. And I had actually unknowing cooked them at at about 400 instead of 425 (my oven is wonkie)

homemade bagels

My First Homemade Bagels

But I seriously can not stress enough how wonderful fresh baked chewy on the inside crunchy on the outside bagels are. {yum} It’s always great when you follow through on a pinterest pin too. Feels like such an accomplishment.


Bake it so!


4 thoughts on “Craftmageddon Has Begun!

  1. I love it! Craftmageddon! I’m knee deep in it too – the sewing machine is out, the knitting needles won’t stop clacking and I have about a million dozen cookies to bake. Seriously, craziness. I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

    • OH my gosh NO, Totally not alone! 🙂 The next thing on my baking list is pretzels. There are two painting I’ve been wanting to do. A little crafting for the holiday decorations since I don’t think the tree is getting put up. Plus a new type of scarf I want to work on…craziness is correct.

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