make your own tardis, paper doll, doctor who

A little Who Saturday

I have a slight fascination with paper dolls. There’s a great deal of nostalgia in them. I remember playing with them as a child. Running to where the magazine were in the grocery store while my mom was shopping down the bread aisle. Back then they books filled with stickers and paper dolls mixed in with the magazines. And sadly, I think I belonged to the last generation that had them readily available. You can still find them, though there is some searching involved. I think perhaps they have made a comeback because they’ve been easier to locate via the internet. In addition to that the internet has made it so easy to download straight from online. You can find paper dolls of almost anything anymore. And today I’m bringing together some of paper dolls dedicated to Doctor Who. I found some great sources out there of people who have an enviable ability to manipulate paper to form new lives. And some actual cut outs that you can download, print and cut.


This came from Carg’s Doodles a cute fun little version of the three most recent Doctors.

david tennant, matt smith, doctor who

A little Doctor to take with you. You can make 9, 10, or 11



And of course you need a home for your Doctor…  (These next few all come from a great deviantART account: Cyberdrone, go look around and see some awesome things  )

make your own tardis, paper doll, doctor who

Make your own TARDIS


Can’t have a Doctor without an Enemy, or two

Paper doll, paper dalek, doctor who

Classic Dalek

dalek paper doll, doctor who

Black Dalek

Cyberman, cybermen, paper doll, doctor who

Cyberman Paper Doll


And then there is this DeviantArt Account: Rabenstolz  … there is a version of every Doctor and then some. Here’s a few…

paper doll doctor who

First Doctor by rabenstolz

tom baker, fourth doctor, 4th doctor, doctor who,

The Fourth Doctor and his epic scarf


David Tennant, tenth doctor, 10th doctor, doctor who

Tenth Doctor Paper Doll


While none of these are the traditional paper doll crafts you may have played with (or heard of is you are so terribly unfortunate) they are still wonderful! So much time and effort was put into these by some great artists. But be on the look out for me, I’m in search of a Donna Noble paper doll, traditional style with multiple outfits.


Thanks so much….you all were Brilliant!









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