tree trunk cake, wedding cake, woodland cake

Twinkling Lights to Guide the way 11/18/12

Ok, one day I’ll stop with the song titles…one day.

Anyways, yesterday is the day of this post.

Yesterday I got to not only watch my lovely friend marry her wonderful counterpart, but I also got to be a part of it. So to commemorate their passing from single-hood into marriedness I thought I would share some unofficial wedding photography..curtsy of instagram.

blue and green lighting, glass bottle lamp

Chandelier from the restuarant that we had the rehearsal dinner in

biltmore village, asheville nc, old lamppost, streetlamps

Lamp post outside All Souls Cathedral in Biltmore Village

church roof, steeple, shingles, biltmore

Some of the beautiful detail of the church

old time photo, instagram, bride, wedding, garden, maple, church

This is a shot of my friend as she was getting her pictures done by the real photographers.

maple, bride, wedding, church, biltmore

Another shot from the same setting.

david's bridal, bridesmaid dress, gem

Detailing form the bridesmaid dress. This was a color that looked amazing on everyone!

wedding dress, antique, princess kate, detail on wedding dress, lace

Detail of the bride’s wedding dress.

bunny ears

Two of the sweetest and kindest people you’ll ever meet.

tree trunk cake, wedding cake, woodland cake

The wedding cake and some bit’s of decor.

My gorgeous husband lighting up the night.

black and white photography, protraits
After pulling out around 50 bobby-pins from my hair, and my husband loosening his tie we were ready to call it an evening.

We wish the best of luck and oodles of love and laughter to our friends, Briley and Carrie, as they start a new journey together in life! May you always have banana socks on feet and yellow submarines in your oceans. ;

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