Ah damn it … Stupid bears

I had a generally great weekend. Hope you did too. You should tell me about it sometime. But for now I’ll just tell you about mine.

The bachelorette party was fun, mostly. I can’t wait for my friend’s wedding next weekend (for so many reasons) I’m getting so excited for her … And nervous for me. I get my bridesmaid dress back on Wednesday which is cutting it short. And there is still lots I need to do to get ready. Anyways, only under a sworn oath can I really divulge details of the girls only mayhem that occurred.

So fast forward to Sunday …
My husband and I had a great day. We went to the WNC Nature Center and had a nice walk while looking at all the animals. We got to see the otter house which wasn’t there last time we went.

Otter falls, wnc nature center

WNC Nature Center

otter head, otter butt

Otters O’ Cuteness

We saw foxes and wolves, birds of prey , oodles of things.

Though we didn’t see any damn bears. We’ve had bears around our house but I have yet to see them. It’s been so disappointing. So I thought perhaps…maybe, just maybe I would see them there … But nooooooooo stupid bears were snuggling in their hut. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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