Welcome Luna

Funny cat photo

Luna doesn’t care

So I wasn’t going to subject you to this but after this morning I fear it has become inevitable. While getting ready to leave for work my husband called out to get my attention. “Look at Luna” he cried … It’s actually a fairly common statement in our household. Out of out three kitties Luna is the most active and odd of them. However, usually I am the one calling it out. She seems to always be doing something strange. Well the following picture is only a partial account of what happened sadly. The moment began with her looking as though a horse had kicked her in the head and she became a cartoon character. At least that is what I pictured when my husband described her with one ear sticking up and the other laying flat, her eyes wide and that tongue sticking out.

This picture may have to become a Christmas card…or maybe Valentines.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Luna

  1. Haha isn’t it funny how something so small can be so full of personality? Oh, and we are considering “Luna” if we have another girl! Love the name. And your background lol.

    • She is a ball of personality!
      Sadly, I have to use both Sammy and Luna when we have future children…both of which are our current cats. Luna’s one of my favorite name (and Harry Potter characters) but after naming our cats this it would be kinda weird and confusing on our kids. Not to mention kinda mean.

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