Psych: This episode sucks!

Psych is one of those TV shows that I can watch again and again. It’s funny, and witty. It has a subdued sense of humor that doesn’t feel the need to  be in your face. In a lot of ways it has a more British style of humor to it. And a lot of the funnies come from two things.

1. Gus and Sean. It’s not a matter of Gus OR Sean. It’s Gus AND Sean. While each character in their own right is entertaining it’s the play off of each other and that deep connection between two people who are long-term friends that makes them the team that they are. I’m not sure if the actors have a friendship outside of the show, but if they don’t then I commend them even more for being able to portray that type of relationship. If you’ve ever had that friend that you can carry on a conversation that started and happened years ago like it was something you were just talking about five minutes ago, then you can relate to the type of friendship that Sean and Gus have. It’s an ongoing circular friendship not bound by linear time progression (in other words…it’s eternal) They keep each other balanced which is why it is so great to watch them interact. It’s like saying it’s not too sweet and not too spicy… it’s just right.

2. Watching an episode of Psych is often like playing some great mind game trivia. You don’t just watch, you interact. Yes, you have the basic who-done-it aspect of a crime solving show. But that’s not what I’m talking about. There is the love of the 80’s that Sean’s character has that is sprinkled in to almost every episode. Most of the time it is done so subtlety that it just seems like the flow of the show. But once you find these little nuggets it just makes the show that much more enjoyable and complex.  They make you giddy and give you a slightly superior feeling when you can find them.

Case in point:

My husband and I recently watched and episode from season 6 on Netflix (we don’t have cable so we are typically one to two seasons behind on things). The episode was titled “This episode sucks” It was about a possible vampire murderer.

But guess who the main suspect was played by?  Oh come on, guess! I know you want to….

Fine, I’ll tell you… Kristy Swanson…the original movie Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And then…there is Tom Lenk!  Who’s that? you say…well some of you may remember him from the TV version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And then… there was Corey Feldman. Who was in the Lost Boys.

And not including Richard Stroh who was in 30 Days of Night: Dark Days…that one may just be a coincidence since he was in another episode of Psych as well.


Genius I tells ya!

I kinda hate watching it with people because it makes me cackle. Not laugh, but full on CACKLE. Regardless though, if I can make a Psych convert I will embarrass the hell out of myself and let people hear me laugh like I have no control over my own bodily function just so they can enjoy the greatness of the show too.


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