“Fall” isn’t short for “The Snow is Falling”

But it seems that we might be getting some snow in before Halloween this year. Which could mean a season of winter holed up inside. Which has it’s good and bad.

The reason I like to do fall cleaning is so that during the winters that we are stuck inside I’m not getting anxious from the clutter but instead can work on projects (and like I’ve said … I have plenty of those) But it seems that winter might be stopping in earlier then planned this year and I don’t seem to have a guest bedroom prepared for it. Oh well. That’s what it gets for coming unannounced. It will just have to sleep on the couch.

To be honest, I’m kind of excited about the whole thing. We were a little ripped off last year in the snow department. So I find myself curled up in our house patiently waiting to see what tomorrow morning brings. Well, patiently on the outside. On the inside I’m jumping around and bouncing off the walls, streamers and confetti flying everywhere!

Until then, I’ll curl on the couch with my husband, maybe some hot chocolate and definitely my bunny slippers, watching Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter and The Cabin in the Woods.

Bunny Slippers for the cold!

This is how we do it… Winter that is 😀


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