Make your own: Weeping Angel Tree Topper | Geek Crafts

Make your own: Weeping Angel Tree Topper | Geek Crafts.

Sorry for all the Doctor Who stuff. I swear I’m not crazy. I just love Doctor Who and clever ideas.

This is amazing! This is a blog I love looking at. So many witty people. So many great ideas. It’s the think tank of the century. Einsteins of crafting live here!! Ahem. Sorry. Sorry. Got carried away a bit.

I told my husband about this and he responded with something along the lines of  “weeping angles are not what I think about for Christmas”  *sigh* How not? How can one not travel down the time vortex of thought and think such things? It’s a short leap really. Christmas Time…Doctor Who Christmas Specials…Weeping angels. Ta DAAAA. Ok in all fairness though I totally understand his side. I mean who really wants to think about such scary creatures on Christmas? (I mean they ARE absolutely frightening.) Oh wait, I seem to be reminded of another Christmas time scare, A Christmas Carol. :)Charles Dickens, that’s who thinks of holiday scares. (Another Whovian reference there…I will stop)

Alright, I swear, I will hold off on the Doctor Who for a bit. I promise. *fingers crossed* In the mean time check out this site and lurk around a bit.


Update: For more Doctor Who Crafts visit A little Who Saturday

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