My husband and I had an impromptu date Sunday night. We went down to out local “dollar” theater (actually the movies are 3 bucks and it’s more just aImage great pizza joint/brewing company that just happens to play movies) and we saw The Dark Knight Rises for the second time. I have to say I went in this knowing exactly how the movie ended but ended up getting so wrapped up in that by the end I was sitting there worrying about how he was going to save the city. Momentary brain lapse.


I’m not a movie critic. Hell, I’m not even good at recounting what happens in a movie. I get things jumbled up and end up telling you about all the exciting parts first to later go back and try to string them together. It’s a fatal flaw. May I never have to entertain the Sultan.

I can say this though, I think Selina Kyle is perfect for Bruce Wayne in this take on the epicness of Batman. I mean who else can match him in craziness and duel lives? And also I will always be a Batman girl. There’s a beautifully broken, dark and gritty tale behind him. Even at his most tame and comedic he doesn’t fall under the cookie cutter super hero category. Really my husband would be the better one to talk about the ends and outs of Batman. I’m just there for the ride.


Oh…..and seeing Owen from Torchwood as a bad guy with an American accent…BONUS!  (We might have to start playing the six degrees of Doctor Who….)




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