A thousand years of hindsight can make anything possible.

I have a confession…this isn’t my first blog.  In fact I think perhaps I have acted much like a serial blogger in the past. Leaving in my wake abandoned web addresses left to shrivel and die as they rot away into irrelevance while eating up precious interweb space. But I think I know why this has happened.  I think I can change… I can change dammit! Hey! Stop laughing at me. OK, fine be that way.

The reason I think this has happened has been a lack of direction or in some cases direction that just wasn’t the right fit. My most recently toss aside blog lasted several years. But I started to post less frequently when I realized that my posting was becoming off topic. I don’t do well with constraints. I need to be free!

With all that being said I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking to yourself (or perhaps talking out loud if you are a bit of a nutter) “Why should I stick around? What do you have to offer me? You’re just gonna leave me…just like everyone else…they always leave”

OK, well, I want you to stay but I feel the need to first to tell you that I’m not your therapist. I’m sorry they left you but I can’t help you out there. It’s not my field of study (…but there there it will be alright) However, I think I can entertain you. Sometimes I can help educate you. Once in a while I may even awe you! I want to bring you great things! I want to share with you the beauty in the world. I want to remind you what it was like to be in kindergarten and see things for the first time! (put the glue down, it’s not snack time) I want you to be irritated and start drinking games on my over use parentheses (that’s four times so far…oh, wait I mean five)

Anyways, I want to bring you arts and crafts, girliness and geekery, sunny days and thunder storms, books and movies,  food and love for your tummy and your soul. I mean really, you should just stick around.


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